André Gide write : « A work of art is always the fruit of an anxious perseverance ».
Thus is jacques Vairé an artist persevering in his everlasting pursuit of absolute art work.
Born in Nantes , coming out of 39-45 war, J. Vairé. chooses very quickly the artistic expression against his family’s desire to make of himself an engineer.
Studying and practising drawing, engraving and livengraving, he still doesn’t tackle sculpture.
In the seventies, he buys an old sailing-ship that he gets ready for sailing around the world. The restoration of the boat brings him to use precious woods as mahogany or teak wood
Then it comes to him as a revelation.
A breaking-up in his private life compels him to sell his boat. It is a deep “remise en cause”(calling for questions) concerning his life’s choices.

His first experience with wood drives him to renew it. Recovering beaching woods, he begins wood-carving alone, as an autodidact.
Improving his technique with the help of an artist, he is very much inspired by symbolism and abstraction.
Nelly, his wife, supports him in his researches and in the lighties, he reaches a very productive period.
Shut up in his work room, he works very hard during seven years and creates his first significant production
The main directions of his work are then outlined : the figurative line which reveals itself as a bridge towards a symbolic work : the cubic expression in the totemic works inspired by primitive arts ; the polychromatic woods looking almost like baroque style.
Concious of his creative value in 1990 he takes to bronze material with which this great taciturn carries on unceasingly his quest for authenticity .